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Why Is Some Of My “Good” Email Going Into My Spam Folder?

Spam filters are a necessity

With an estimated 78% of all email messages sent being spam, it is necessary for almost anyone to have in place a good spam filter. This prevents you from having to wade through a sea of spam messages just to get to your actual email. Spam filters are effective, but you must remember that they are computer programs, not intelligent beings. This can partly explain the question of: why is some of my “good” email going into my spam folder?

How spam filters work

Are you wondering why is some of my good email going into my spam folder? Spam filters look at two main things when trying to determine if a message is spam or not. First, the headers, which indicate where the message is coming from, then the subject and body of the message. The content of the message is then investigated for common words, phrases, images and general structure which might indicate that it is spam.

Automated detection is not always effective

Occasionally, legitimate messages get marked as “spam”. This is often the case with legitimate advertising and promotional material, such as newsletters and information about products that you have agreed to receive. Sometimes, even personal correspondence gets mistakenly marked as a spam message. The main explanation of why is some of my “good” email going into my spam folder is the content of the email. Many words, such as “online casino”, “mortgage”, “reduce your debt”, etc. are used in spam. The filter then treats all messages containing a combination of certain keywords as junk mail. To prevent this from happening, you can set your spam filter to allow messages from a certain sender, a procedure known as “whitelisting”.

4 Responses to “Why Is Some Of My “Good” Email Going Into My Spam Folder?”

  1. Yvonne Davis says:

    The emails I get from my site are going into my spam floder.and not my Yahoo..why…. it just started this they were coming to my Yahhoo address…

  2. MaryAnn Ianniello says:

    Why are some of my emails going into the spam folder? When I change my email and made my home page Yahoo, everything was working fine. Now for some reason, I am getting no emails from a website called: ViewBug. Can you help me with this?

  3. I registered in naijaloaded and they said that i should go to spam folder to complete my registration.

  4. premachandran says:

    All my inward mails are going to spam folder for last three days.why? Please help to correct this mistake.

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