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Why Does My Computer Turn Itself Off During A Virus Scan?

Viruses vary greatly among computers; they can simply infect files, disable software’s, alter software programs or even prompt further internet browser attacks. Viruses are built to hide or conserve themselves ironically when they infect a computer. Many trademarks of virus defensive tactics include shutting off computers, disabling browser programs and disabling anti-virus programs.

Shut off infection

One of the most common trademarks of virus defensive tactics includes shutting off the computer on loading. While it seems “obvious” most users are prompted to go out of their way to recover against it. In many cases the only way to cure the infection is either to eliminate the hard drive, thus the source of the infection, or to somehow prompt the computer into a safety mode check so that computer files do not progress the rate of infection. Virus scans are often useless in some cases because the computer gets shut down before it starts.

Deny the removal information

A virus scan is often used on the prompting of internet information. Some viruses deny access to the web browser, even denying access to virus software downloads and removal instructions. While seemingly annoying, deleting viruses can severely hinder the computer when done improperly. Without guidance the virus is free to infect the computer. Virus scans do work for these viruses, however some steps are involved in doing so that require online sources (if you’re an amateur)

Arms embargo

A virus scan is important, but some viruses simply disable the users from utilizing a virus scan. These viruses protect themselves by simply disabling their executioner. Viruses in this category can be removed through safety mode. In safety mode the computer disables most functions so that viruses are limited in their ability to function. As a result, a virus scan can be used with relatively minor hassle.

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