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What Is The Best Spam Filter?

Spam filters work to reduce unnecessary, spammed, or junk electronic mails from rushing into your computer mailbox and make it cleaner and simpler to verify your electronic mail messages.

While there is a wide range of spam filter programs being offered today, many of them are much too complicated for the average user. Some of the effective anti spam applications are very high priced, making it difficult for you to purchase them. Here are some of the top options in anti spam filters for your computer system.

Mail Washer Free

For the majority of users, it is one of the best free options available. The program gives a preview of an electronic mail that allows you to authenticate all messages before downloading them to your PC. With this approach, you can eliminate potentially unsafe messages, including spam, viruses, and other types of junk messages before they get anywhere near your PC. The anti spam software flags these messages after reviewing them as doubtful for your use. It is a simple idea, but fairly efficient and one which is understandably simple for customary users.

POP File

POP file is another type of spam filter software suitable for most users. It is one of the key Bayesian filters that works as an alternate mail server and can be used by any POP mail customer. Its understanding is logically simple for expert users but for the beginners, Mail washer is the best option.


Another form of open base spam filter system is Spamato. The application is distinct and unique in that it does not rely on a system to eliminate spam, quite unlike the Bayesian spam filter. It uses an inclusive system for the purpose of filtering spam. Spamato can easily be integrated with Outlook, Thunderbird, and Firefox mail clients.

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