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Is McAfee Good Anti Virus Software?

McAfee is An Anti Virus Software, that provide computers with virus protection. However, people who have used it have had their own experience with it. McAfee is a good program, but it isn’t the best. This can be a shock due to its popularity. This anti virus software has very good features that makes it stand out.


McAfee is known to have good protection. Protecting against trojans, worms, viruses and spyware. It’s very good at detecting malicious websites and quickly alarming the computer owner. It also protects when downloading files or sharing files. Many who have used it give it a good protection rating.


The effectiveness of this anti virus software is also very good. In fact some say it is too effective. McAfee is know for marking safe files as risky or malicious. It inaccurately detects safe files, this causes a problem when these files are important. Recently the programed marked an important file as a virus, causing problems for millions of computer users. Other than this, McAfee is given an average/good rating for effectiveness.


This anti virus software is easy to install on a computer. the installation has everything provided to insure a successful installation. Once installed it is easy to use. The settings of the program provide scheduled scanning, protecting the computer at real time. For easiness, McAfee is rated at the top.

The verdict is, McAfee is a good anti virus software. Being that it provides good protection, its effective, and easy to use. This program is ideal for computer users that prefer basic virus protection.

12 Responses to “Is McAfee Good Anti Virus Software?”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s as good as Norton. Which means just ‘better than nothing’. Avast and/or AVG is better though.

  2. Thk mcfee anti virus

  3. McAfee is one of the most popular Anti Virus Software. Keep reading and find out all the pros It’s very good at detecting malicious websites and quickly alarming the computer owner.

  4. THANH says:

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  6. Lily Mccann says:

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  7. Jamie says:

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  9. Sam Oh says:

    During the last two years, I was attacked by two viruses disguised as a security program and had to re-install XP operating system in both cases… sadly McAfee was guarding my door. My opinion.. McAfee is a useless program… don’t waste your money

  10. vik says:

    is protector plus professional a good antivirus software?

  11. Rob says:

    McAfee sucks! It is useless! Several times I have logged on to find that my firewall was off,which in order to turn off your firewall you have to actually click it off which I did not.Also it allowed the FBI PayPak virus to hold my main screen hostage and when I went into safe mode McAfee did not even detect it! IN FACT twice my email account was hacked and spyware made it through to my computer….all items that McAfee was SUPPOSE to be PROTECTING my computer from.Oh and btw I have McAfee Plus 2012 which is suppose to be the best…..but it isnt….it sucks and is a total waste of $100…..NORTON HERE I COME!

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