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How Much Does Antivirus Software Slow My Computer Down?

How Much Does Antivirus Software Slow My Computer Down? A question which is not easily answered due to the nature of Antivirus software. Users often wonder what the true effect of Antivirus software is and just how much it might slow down their computer! The answer to the infamous question, “How Much Does Antivirus Software Slow My Computer Down?” really depends on several different factors, including: the type of computer, the operating system and which type of Antivirus software!

How Old Is Your Computer?

The computer is a big factor in determining how much, “How Much Does Antivirus Software Slow My Computer Down?” Antivirus software typically consumers processing power, therefore if the computer has a slower processor then the Antivirus software may cause a slightly noticeable drop in regular performance of the computer. Memory is also an important factor; although not nearly as critical as processing power in terms of Antivirus software.

Your Operating System

The operating system plays an important role as well. Computers running older operating systems are typically impacted a lot worse than those running the newer versions of windows. The reason for that has to do with the way the operating system interfaces with the computer and handles actively running tasks, such as Antivirus software. On the contrary, if the system is older and running a newer operating system, which it does not properly support then the installation of Antivirus software may cause a dramatic drop in performance.

Finally, the type of Antivirus software. Some Antivirus software remains passive and only scans when the user desires. These types of Antivirus software will only cause a performance drop during the initial scan and not before or after. Antivirus software which remains in the memory and offers constant protection is more common, it also may cause the most dramatic drop in performance if the system is not able to handle the software. Antivirus software will not cause a noticeable slow-down if the computer meets the requirements to run the software and has sufficient memory and processing power. If the computer is older or already struggling to run other programs, the installation of Antivirus software may cause a dramatic performance drop; although not nearly as dramatic as that which can be caused by a virus.

17 Responses to “How Much Does Antivirus Software Slow My Computer Down?”

  1. rcmichelle says:

    Actually it’s a common problem. Mostly the reasons are too much registry and virus. The software Tuneup360( can help you solve the problem.

  2. Nrm says:

    no it can’t . anon, don’t follow a link an anonymous has posted, this be message for y’all.

  3. Fred says:

    General rule of thumb is to avoid bloated, expensive do-it-all suites. These products are notoriously bad resource hogs and not very good at what they do. It’s always good to remember that when it comes to software, the prettier the box, the less valuable the contents.

    Try SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, Avast, Avira and others that work well together and take up little resources.

    One final note, if you’re installing any security software that forces you to remove other solutions before installing, RUN AWAY. Those companies are far more concerned with marketing than your online safety. Conflicts are easy to avoid for the developers who care about you.

  4. Peter says:

    Yes a virus program will slow your computer down. As will just using the Internet.

    We ran an experiment and speed test over 12 months. The older computer used only for games and general work but never used for Interneting or Emails. On speed testing it has never slowed, hung or froze as of day one to the current date.

    The other one (top of the range) within the first week it was noticeable on speed tests conducted in a slowing down after connecting to the Internet. However the speed of modern computers in some ways offsets this slowing down process.

    Another thing to remember is that a good virus program will scan a single file for over 200,000 virus signatures in less than one second.

    Several people known to us have simply disabled the firewall and removed the virus program from their computers with a marked improvement of speed. Course there is a greater risk involved using this method.

    In this day and age people can sometimes be security worriers, and in some cases with good reason. But remember most people use firewalls and virus programs on their computers so receiving emails off them is fairly secure.

    Another thing to consider is (as many people believe) the very people that sell virus software to the world are responsible for many of the viruses on the Internet. After all it is not in their best interest (Money wise) for the virus money wheel to stop.

  5. Tim Cole says:

    Extraordinarily beneficial thank you, I do believe your readers may possibly want considerably more well written articles like that keep up the excellent work.

  6. Jane says:

    Very interesting concepts to consider. The conspiracy theory brought up by Peter would make a good sci-fi film!

  7. asbok33 says:

    tnx pete,it help a lot..

  8. Arturo Skandha says:

    @Jane, the idea that the people who step up to “protect” you from threats very often have a vested interest, often a fiduciary interest in maintaining the viability of those perceived threats, is not new. It is how your world functions, particulaarly the 100% bogus war on terror. Google “false flag 9/11″ and start down the rabbit hole.

  9. Pzetti says:

    The Reason why Antivirus slows down a computer is because its always scanning your PC for virus’s. Your better of with a virus sometimes. Because virus’s and Antivirus have the same effect. Thats my 2 cents.

  10. Peter North says:

    Interesting article – kudos. You consistently write a engrossing blog post. I wish to uncover more soon.

  11. Con Cerned says:

    why do we need an anti-virus program when there is “system restore”?

  12. march test says:

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  14. When I use SAGE Accounting I find that my anti-virus software grinds my machine to a halt. It seems to want access to my floating backup file at all times, making processing very sluggish.

  15. bada land says:

    mere ko chodne do mai computer ko bna donga to gand marwao jaldi

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