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How Is Spam Like An Infection?

One obvious reason as to why spam is like an infection is that no one ever asks for it. No one has ever asked to be infected with a plague and in the same way, no one has ever asked to receive spam. You wake up one morning and find that you have an infection, and you need to do something about it. This is the exact same thing with spam; you wake up in the morning to check your mail, and you find that you have been spammed. So apart from the obvious, how is spam like an infection?

Begins With One Tiny Agent

An infection begins with one tiny yet harmful agent making it’s way into your body through a break in the skin or other means. Spam can make its way into your computer in the same way. A breakdown in security, somebody opening a ‘backdoor’ in a computer that sends spam randomly. Some believe that spam is harmless, just someone wanting you to purchase something or other. However, malicious programs can introduce spam to your computer that harasses or tricks you into clicking on obscene or ridiculous ads.

Starts Small But Leads To Bigger Problems

An infection can begin as the death of one cell in your body. As time goes by however, the destruction of cells keeps growing, and this can eventually lead to the destruction of whole organs. One organ failure can lead to failure of the other organs as well, resulting in death. The same applies for spam. If you frequently open spam emails, eventually someone will use spam to put malicious software on your computer. You will wake up to mail that could be computer viruses or Trojan horses. Malicious software tends to download even more malicious software that can lead to the “death” of your computer. Reformatting a PC isn’t fun, so don’t open emails from unfamiliar senders.

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  3. Fish Mounts says:

    This article has been one of the best analogies describing spam that I’ve ever seen in over 10 years. When I read, “One obvious reason as to why spam is like an infection is that no one ever asks for it” I actually laughed out loud. That’s TRUE! It’s such a hassle to set up RBL’s and all kinds of anti-spam blocking software. I am getting tired of having to change email address so often. I just wish that mail servers would allow you to block all mail from certain countries because that’s where most of the spam seems to be coming from in addition to people who’s compared are getting infected with Malware that are blasting out junk email.

  4. Percy Czolba says:

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