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How Do I Know If My Email Has A Spam Filter?

As the internet grows and e-mail is becoming a more popular method of communication then ever before, e-mail providers have started to see the need for an e-mail spam filter. Many people are not sure what a spam filter does or even if their e-mail has one. This article will answer many questions you may have about your spam filter as well as “How Do I Know If My Email Has A Spam Filter?”.

What is an Email Spam Filter?

An e-mail spam filter will filter out e-mail address that the filter determines as spam. Every type of e-mail spam filter has different ramification for determining whether or not an e-mail is spam. The e-mails that fit this ramification are put into a spam box instead of your normal in-box.

How Do I Know If My Email Has A Spam Filter?

Most e-mail providers will include a spam filter standard on their accounts. You can find out if your e-mail has a spam filter by checking the features of your e-mail account. You can also see if you can find a spam folder in your account. The spam folder is usually located under the in-box folder of your e-mail account.

How Do I Turn Off My Spam Filter?

If you have answered the question “How do I know if my email has a spam filter?” you can then figure out how to turn it off. Most of the time you will not need to turn it off but rather make an adjustment to the settings. Most e-mail addresses will allow you to add certain e-mails that you would like it not to forward to the spam box. You will need to read the FAQ section of your e-mail to do this.

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