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How Do I Know If My Anti Virus Is Working?

Computer performance is important. Viruses and infections alike impair the computer’s ability to function. To tell if an anti virus software is working, users simply have to monitor their computers ability to function. Anti virus software works when programs, internet and technical issues are minimal.


An anti virus software improvement is evident when software programs run normally. This may be before installation, after installation, during a game or during a browser session. Infection typically taxes the system’s ability to process data. When it cannot respond, most programs will either freeze, crash, or fail to open. An anti virus software eliminates taxing infections so processing can occur. Improvements should be evident after a scan and restart occurs.

Internet slow? Try an anti virus

At times programs can work properly but an internet browser may not. An anti virus software works when internet functions like streaming, surfing and downloading are functional. In cases of infection, users may see impeded flash programs, slow download times and crashes. Internet browsers may suddenly triple the computer processing needs when they are infected. An anti virus program works when the internet browser runs predictably, rather than erratically.

Computers can be taxed

Software programs take up space on a computer, using them requires CPU processing abilities. Games or process intensive programs, take up a significant percentage of the computer’s ability to process. When the computer is infected the computer will act slowly in all manners; programs, loading and start up times are all examples. An anti virus software works when the CPU is alleviated. Another way is if relatively “light” programs take seconds rather than minutes to open. Anti virus software success is also apparent if programs do not deny access to other programs.

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