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Do I Need Anti Virus On My Cell Phone?

Internet-enabled Cellphones Need Anti-Virus

It is the new era where people no longer use only PCs to browse through the Internet. People use Cellphones which are much easier to carry and they are cheap. Spy-ware and viruses find their ways on Cellphones making it even harder for people to communicate after such an attack and lack of an Anti Virus to scan files from the Internet. Anti Virus is very important if you are an avid fun of games and applications from intermediary vendors. With an Anti Virus, you can protect your phone from crushing and it takes a long period of time to fix this system malfunction.

Bluetooth-enabled Cellphones require Anti-Virus

The most amazing feature of modern Cellphones is the Bluetooth. This device lets you send files from another phone or from the PC. With lack of an Anti Virus in your Cellphone; all the files that you transfer using Bluetooth will carry all the spyware and viruses that was in the Internet. This is a major downfall for any Cellphone because it can happen when you are not aware that your Bluetooth is on while your Cellphone is in your pocket. People use Bluetooth-hack to get into your phone and make downloads from a radius of 70 meters. An Anti Virus helps protect your Cellphone and you will be assured of a safe Bluetooth files transfer with or without your knowledge.

Anti Virus reduces Cellphone Malfunction

An Anti Virus installed in your Cellphone reduces malfunction when you intend to download software that is not compatible with your Cellphone model. Many people download applications that cannot be supported by their Cellphones and an Anti Virus blocks such applications that may prove to slow down your Cellphone. Connecting your PC with your Cellphone can also transfer worms and viruses or browsing the Internet via your Cellphone on the PC when you do not have an Anti Virus.

21 Responses to “Do I Need Anti Virus On My Cell Phone?”

  1. annette ross says:

    i was told that my cell has been bugged,how do i make sure that i block it or do i have to get another cellphone in a different name to prevent my spy from hacking my phone again….i am unemployed and its taking unnecessary resources that i don”t have to block these actions……

  2. Sgh-f480 says:

    I need antivirus for sgh-f480

  3. George says:

    Anti virus for lg gw 300

  4. kristine aiko says:

    how can i remove worms on my cellphone(Nokia C5-03)?

  5. swamy nath says:

    dear sirim hiv pralom ple kidli halp you sir

  6. g.anil kumar says:

    please install in my anti virus

  7. bensonkadwa says:

    i need antviras on my phone

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  9. Pls i wnt to download antivirus into my cell phone

  10. I want to install antivirus into my cell phone nw

  11. Pedro says:

    I want to download antivirus

  12. Pedro says:

    I want to download antivirus

  13. Sabi says:


  14. Please i need it very ogent

  15. Install anti virus on my cell phone

  16. c.k.singh says:

    i need viris canning

  17. Micky says:

    I want antivirus for my cell.

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